Author: My Video

This stop motion film shows the creation of my Artist book publication. The handmade A5 printed book shows the images included as they are pieced together. This publication contains all self-made imagery that represents Southampton relationship with industrial building work and ruins. The material used for the books cover is a symbol for the great existence of concrete and rubble in the city. The music used in this video was taken from an advertisement for the largest shopping centre in the south of England that was constructed here.

Making Pastiche 1560 Video

Premier pro is a programme that works well in creating stop motion animations. In order to do this using my series of photographs I placed them all in one folder and dragged this into my library window in the bottom left hand corner. I then selected all images and changed the speed/duration. I first tried 1 second per clip but this was far too long and the video didn’t not run smoothly when I watched the preview. Therefore, I tested out a few duration speeds on the clips until I decided on 0.4 of a second per clip. Once I was happy that the sequence was running smoothly I had to decide on sound.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 1.30.05 PM

I had decided that the sound that would suit the theme of the video most would be something that was upbeat and had a slightly twinkly effect. I searched various sound effect websites but none of the sound pieces were quite long or musical enough to add to my video. I began to search for musical pieces on you tube until I found one that watched the speed and theme of the video. I downloaded my chosen musical piece and added it to the timeline window.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 1.30.46 PM

I then edited the sound piece using a crossfade effect so that it did not end abrudplty. Once playing around with the colour and exposure of my video I was done and it was ready to export.

Development for Patiche 1560

In preparation for my video I cut stencils out for the lettering. I needed to make sure I prepared the letters beforehand to get the neat and accurate lettering that Maricor/Maricar achieve in their work. I then drew the stencils onto bright decorative fabric that in keep with the general colour palette I had already decided upon based on their own work. I then added coloured stitching onto each of the letters in order to add the embroidered effect.


I tested the lighting but it wasn’t bright enough to give a clean-cut effect. The indoor evening lighting was also adding shadows where I didn’t want them to be.


Therefor I waited to complete the photographing the next day as there would be daylight and I could gain a bright white clean cut effect.


The next day I set up a camera and tripod suspended over a large a1 piece of white card. The white card gives me a backdrop in which my colourful embroidered lettering can stand out well. It also gives a similar setting to Maricor/Maricar’s imagery. I began photographing slight movements that I made to the bobbin and thread photographing each slight movement in order to give the thread a life of its own in my video. I thought this would be a nice gradual way to open my video and introduce the theme. I then photographed each fabric letter appearing on screen one by one.

I had to re-take this a few times because if one part of the sequence goes out of place the entire stop-motion would not run smoothly.

Planning my Video

Once I knew what I wanted my video to include I had to start planning how the video would be shot. It would have been difficult to recreate such intricate and talented designs without doing them injustice. Therefore, I decided to create the phrase “be inspired” in fabrics to continue their textile theme that originally caught my eye. I decided to include embroidery through sewing the fabric letters onto another background. The thread would need to be colourful using similar colours to those used throughout their professional outcomes. I explored the colours used in their pieces and created a colour palette to work from/ The main colours I would like to include in my stitching consists of vibrant yellows, blues, greens and pinks. The fabrics I select need to be fairly light in colour without designs that are too heavy for the background.

A playful way to open the video would be with the needle and thread working its way across the page as if it has a life of its own. Through stop motion animation this could look like the needle and thread is really coming to life.

Each letter will appear individually on-screen until the phrase is fully spelt out.

In regards to sound, I think a light twinkly style of music could really add to the tone of the video I wish to create. Something calm and uplifting would suit the message perfectly.