G.F Smith Talk

Today we had a talk from G.F smith about paper types and book making. She bought in some really interesting example books and triggered a number of ideas for my own book. I also got advice from her on how I could improve my book binding skills based on a book I had made in the past which I showed her.

The books I saw encouraged not to think about my book in a generic way and I began thinking about how I could be more playful with designs and layout. Paper types is a huge part of the decision-making process. I decided that I wanted to experiment using some transparent paper types and work with layering this up. This technique would be representative of some of the work I produced within my studio projects using materials such as acrylic, acetate and tracing paper. I decided having a sleeve for my book would give a more finished and subtle effect to the way it looks.





Project 2 . Creating collection book.

The reason that I had a collection of books I hadn’t read is because of the appeal I think that they hold. Therefore I decided the book had to be really visually and texturely pleasing. This is when I began looking into arrangement and materials. For the cover of the book I dabbled with thought of materials that I find particularly exciting and comforting . I thought about fur , holographic paper, quality leather and hand made paper . I tried some of these out and either thought they appeared quite tacky or unprofessional. I went with some thick grey textured card. I found the particular tone of grey really lovely and I find it one of the best and most visible colours .grey and orange are my two particular favourite colour combinations that I use frequently in my clothing and home decoration. I wish to add and orange card band around the book to make it appear really neat and pretty , whilst also holding simple and minimalist qualities which also particularly appeal to me. I then began looking into the arrangement of the dedications them self , I like the raw naturally faded quality of the paper as it represents their long kept and loved feel. Therefore I did not wish to interfear with these pages or photocopy them stripping them of their qualities. I looked into another way of keeping them as they are whilst still working together . I cut each page to the same ratio. Although they had to be different sizes because of the print or length of each dedication, so I cut every one to the golden ratio (the most visually pleasing shape) mathematically they were perfect and worked well as a series.


I then had to think about the paper they would be attached to so I used hand made Indian paper that had a real quality to it. Every page looked and felt hand made and I settled on this as a wonderful way to add to the books appeal. I perfectly folded every page and just places one slightly of set dedication on each side as I thought this layout was most appropriate for the various sized pieces. I then placed a band round the centre to hold it all together.

However I feel the book looks incomplete and changes need to be made. The rough edges of the handmade paper doesn’t work for a perfectly appealing book and the band isn’t professional enough. Therfore the process I have taken I am pleased with but the final product defiantly needs tweaking.