Genius Loci. Project 3. Screenprinting

With my plan to create a poster zine for children I decided that it would be a suitable addition if it included a printed poster for parents to keep. This will help them to show an interest in helping educate their children on the history of the local area. The main zine will include illustrations activities and information on the history of the crystal. In addition, the zine will fold out to reveal a carefully designed printed poster that can be framed or displayed. The poster will use the colour scheme of the rest of the children’s zine.

Continuing on from my previous project ‘what’s up’ I decided to in keep with the screen printing theme. The colours will also come out bolder and more appealing to youngsters.

My screen-printed poster is based on the ground level historic palace and an image of the forgotten crystal palace subway below ground. To reflect the above and below I am layering an architectural illustration of the palace on top of detailed photograph of the Victorian subway.

I began by preparing my images in Photoshop in order to bitmap them for printing. For printing on A2 paper I printed both bitmapped images in full a4 size in order them to take up a large part of the page when placed slighting overlapping.

I began printing the architectural drawings of the palace in a bold pink as I was sticking to my bold child friendly theme. The bright colours will add to the vibrancy representing a bright history.


I decided that the building was almost too bright to work as the colour of the diagram of the palace as it will not stand out enough when contrasted with another colour. There for I printed the detailed image of the subway in pink as it needs to be lighter and subtler. In contrast with the pink I decided to use ultramarine blue for the palace as it is dark enough to stand out whilst still being bright and colourful. The two colours worked well together and I am pleased with the final outcome. On evaluation, I decided that the poster was missing some text and my next step is to work on adding a title to this page.


Author : Mono Printing

This is the first time I have attempted mono printing. At first I found it difficult as the method of drawing is not the same as usual. You have to be careful not to lean your hand on the page as this will print through. I also attempted writing backwards

In order for the text to read in reverse.

I was really pleased with the effect the Mono- printing left. The colour of the ink suits the relation my work has to buildings, rubble and industrialism. The cloudy rough texture left behind adds an eerie feeling to these images, which relates well to phrases such as “rising out of the vegetation”. The rough sketches came out in a really positive way.


I experimented with shape and the way in which I pressed down on the paper. I did some Negatives of the church on a circular pressed background and I thought that these images printed with a nice ghostly effect representing the history within Southampton.


Reporter: Lino Printing

Lino printing is another field that I have not explored before. We began with a tutorial from Damien in which he explained the process and how it works. He demonstrated some cutting techniques and using the printing press. He provided us with some materials and we then proceeded to create some of our own. It is difficult to get your head around reversing images into negative and working out which lines are going to show when printed. I was still feeling uncertain about what I wanted the focus of my project to be, so as a practice run for the workshop I decided to use one of my 1 minute portraits from the drawing workshop. I thought my face could make a really effective lino.


I used transfer paper to place my illustrations onto the lino and began to carefully cut away. The imprint left on the transfer paper even made for an interesting image.


I found the cutting technique got easier as I went on and I was pleased with the outcome. First I printed in black and got a strong solid image. I then continued to use a bold blue and pink.


18446942_767785290066402_6106142530489247637_nI will definitely be using this technique again throughout the project.