Collection: Book making workshop

Today We had a bookmaking workshop with Michelle in which we explored a variety of ways in which you can make your own book. This included the generic perfect bound style and various other foldable and experimental methods.  We worked our way through a list of binding techniques. One of my favourites was the one cut book. We have explored this before when making foldable zines and is a really neat and effective way of making a publication. However, this is not the most practical way for us to create our collection book. We explored some 3d fun options and tramlines which I hadn’t thought to use before.

We were also shown a tutorial on creating perfect bound books with signatures. I have attempted this before and would love to continue working in this way in order to improve my skill. I am thinking of using this for my final collection book.

I would like my book to be bound myself as opposed to getting it printed elsewhere. This is because my whole ethos is about hands on craft and the enjoyment of producing work manually. I would like this to be reflected through my book that I want to represent me. I also think this would be more of a learning experience for me.



Market Ready Presentation

The first presentation we made focused on including all the information we wanted to share. Without focusing too much on the way it looked. We used one of the google slides pre-prepared layouts and tweaked certain pages whilst leaving others which meant there was no clear structure and layout which could put accelerator off us as a brand. The presentation was also lacking a logo mark and a team name which are two of the most important aspects of a group. Ricardo gave us feedback on this, he also commented on how some of the images in our presentation were not explained and just seemed like random page fillers.


Therefore, We went away and decided to improve these aspects.

In our new presentation, we opened with a clear logo and title. We decided the dark colours did not match our product or who we are at all so we changed the theme of the presentation to our pastel colour scheme. We replaced the images that did not fit in with what we were talking about.

When performing the presentation to the panel at accelerator t felt far clearer and as a result we were more confident. In terms of our product it felt slightly too vague and this may be why we were not selected. I do not feel like our plan to make and sell cards, bags and prints of all things ‘popular culture’ is strong enough and the work load In terms of the illustrations could be divided more equally.

Overall the day at accelerator was a huge learning curve and it was interesting and exciting to see the work of the other teams.


Making Pastiche 1560 Video

Premier pro is a programme that works well in creating stop motion animations. In order to do this using my series of photographs I placed them all in one folder and dragged this into my library window in the bottom left hand corner. I then selected all images and changed the speed/duration. I first tried 1 second per clip but this was far too long and the video didn’t not run smoothly when I watched the preview. Therefore, I tested out a few duration speeds on the clips until I decided on 0.4 of a second per clip. Once I was happy that the sequence was running smoothly I had to decide on sound.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 1.30.05 PM

I had decided that the sound that would suit the theme of the video most would be something that was upbeat and had a slightly twinkly effect. I searched various sound effect websites but none of the sound pieces were quite long or musical enough to add to my video. I began to search for musical pieces on you tube until I found one that watched the speed and theme of the video. I downloaded my chosen musical piece and added it to the timeline window.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 1.30.46 PM

I then edited the sound piece using a crossfade effect so that it did not end abrudplty. Once playing around with the colour and exposure of my video I was done and it was ready to export.