The Art of the Cover

I thoroughly enjoyed the art of the cover workshop with Emily today. This is my favourite way of producing work. We were asked to bring in a variety of materials including ink, paint and different paper types in order to mass produce designs and experiment in creating a cover for our book. We began the workshop with a presentation with Emily about covers and the way designs can use the space on a page. Some of the designs we looked at encouraged me to think about the way I could represent myself as a practitioner but also how I could use the space on the page to create an aesthetically pleasing front cover. The use of shape and colour became really apparent in the examples we saw.

collection cover 300.jpg

In creating my own I thought about my way of working and what I enjoy. My chosen methods usually include line drawing, screen-printing, layering and colour. Therefore, I wanted this to be reflected. I enjoy using traditional materials such as paint so began by creating shapes and colour loosely on the page. I experimented with the colours that I use most such as pink, yellow and orange. I wanted my work to reflect my love of all things natural and non-digitalized therefore I was creating fairly natural and organic shapes. I carried this through to some illustrations and produced plant form illustration. I looked through some of my existing work and took some of the paper types and leftover screen prints I had available and began layering these up.


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