Personal Brief :Genius loci. Writing my Brief

Writing my own brief proved difficult for me and it is not something i have had to do. I did not realise how much thought goes into writing a project brief. However i appreciated the opportunity to create my own project focus. This allowed me to continue on from my previous project which i felt i was making good stead with.

My previous project focused on our obsession with technology and how we do not appreciate whats around us. I decided children are the people who are most at risk of becoming too absorbed by technology and thought of coming up with a way of re-engaging them with he history within their local area.


My Brief  

Project Sub Title: Remembering Our Local Genius Loci

genius loci



  1. the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place.


Project brief aims


This final project looks at re-engaging children with their local surroundings. Visually reminding them (and their parents) to pay attention to the history and culture of their local areas. Children are in danger of ignoring the beauty and antiquity that surrounds them due to the increasing use of technology that can be very asorbing taking them away from the outdoor well. Through artworks focused on a variety of perspectives from specific locations that have been forgotten I will educate children about culture and history that has gone unnoticed. Locations that will be selected are in close proximity to schools to create a clearer message to the target audience of children.

Outcomes need to be engaging visually and interactively. It is important to share how the atmosphere of a place can change with different knowledge and from different physical angles.

Project brief objectives


Make sure to experiment with my research as the final outcome should not merely be a piece of reportage, but allow the audience to feel and understand the space and message fully.

The outcome needs to include an interactive piece of design and a publication such as a zine or brochure as if to advertise these unobserved local pockets of interest.

Text will also need to be included in some means to add more than one aspect to the pieces of work.

 Project process

I will be using the following processes and media:


Drawing and mark making





Lino, mono or screen printing

Field Trips


  • I will be visiting local families that I babysit for to gain some first-hand research into opinions towards technology and knowledge of their local areas.


  • Museum of childhood to explore change in interests of children

 Skills gained

I will be developing the following skills:

Catering to a target audience

Working with type and image

Independent study skills

Final pieces

A professional presentation of your narrative explorations will be designed into multiple final outcomes:



  • Moving Image
  • Pecha Kucha final presentation
  • Printed zine with fold out poster in style of a brochure
  • Interactive designed images

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