Collection: Book making workshop

Today We had a bookmaking workshop with Michelle in which we explored a variety of ways in which you can make your own book. This included the generic perfect bound style and various other foldable and experimental methods.  We worked our way through a list of binding techniques. One of my favourites was the one cut book. We have explored this before when making foldable zines and is a really neat and effective way of making a publication. However, this is not the most practical way for us to create our collection book. We explored some 3d fun options and tramlines which I hadn’t thought to use before.

We were also shown a tutorial on creating perfect bound books with signatures. I have attempted this before and would love to continue working in this way in order to improve my skill. I am thinking of using this for my final collection book.

I would like my book to be bound myself as opposed to getting it printed elsewhere. This is because my whole ethos is about hands on craft and the enjoyment of producing work manually. I would like this to be reflected through my book that I want to represent me. I also think this would be more of a learning experience for me.




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