Southampton visit

Upon a visit to south Hampton we had the opportunity to get a feel for it as a city and expand our knowledge.

We began by visiting the Solent studio at Southampton university and had a chance to get to know the students we would be collaborating with. We were given a really warm welcome and got a chance to see another studio space and how it works for them.

The Solent studio felt really motivated. Their space was full of colourful work and the walls were shrouded with inspiration.


Meeting the Solent students made the collaboration seem more realistic and gave us more of an incentive to share our work on the online shared document to work with.

After this meeting we ventured out to take a walk around the area to get a feel for the place that we would be studying. I began to notice the huge contrasts that were displayed between modern industrial buildings and historical architecture.

We took a historical walk through the city after lunch. I found it fascinating to discover that the city is full of underground wine vaults. as it is a town with a port it was used to export wine into the country. There was so much that they needed more space to store it. Hence the wine vaults were created. many people have no idea that they exist including people who are living above them .

southampton wine vaultĀ 

During the war the vaults became useful bomb shelters and have come in very useful in that way. We were lucky enough to visit on the these vaults and i found it interesting that they were one of the only historical sites in Southampton that Weren’t tainted by modern industrial builds.