Fanzines are a form of mini magazine in which promotes something , or is about something that you are passionate about. It can be text based or imagery only but it is always exciting . Traditionally they would have been made with the cut and paste approach. I admire this technique and it inspired me to create something paper based. I am passionate about keeping the use of paper strong within our society and all the possibilities that it holds. Although technology is very dominant in our society today I find that majority of design is made for paper and still involves the use of paper in the process of its creation. I find that the technological world and social media has a huge influence upon loneliness and isolation within our modern world. Because people can so easily communicate online and are in touch at all times of day and night , they are less likely to be social with one and other in the real world.
There for I wanted to portray this through a zine about paper and it’s endless possibilities.
I began by testing a number of techniques I could created through paper such as folding, scrunching, tearing, building (creation of paper aeroplanes and such) I photocopied all of these paper creations in order to capture the essence of the tones and shadows of the papers textures, whilst remaining 3D.

Utterly Moving Words Creation

I illustrated my type in order to create relevant effects that suit the words described by them. For example the word ‘Warmer’ i created using colors such as orange and red. i used my idea of ice letters and recording them as they melt to add emphasis to climate change. I also included my interaction with the letters. I recorded myself writing some of them and used props such as rulers to emphasize measurements and the rise of sea levels. The process was long a i face some problems to solve along the way but i have definitely learned a lot more about the process of stop motion and ways to get around certain issues. I also learned more about programs such as adobe premiere, in which i used to piece all the images together.


Initially the video was slow and jumpy, that is when i discovered that i needed to compress the the video before exporting in order for it to run freely. This is an example of one of the problems i came across.

For the sound i decided to stick with idea of water and how they could create interesting sound, I recorded a lot of domestic items, such as, a boiling kettle, a running tap, washing up and dripping sounds. I sometimes found that artificially creating the sounds worked out better and came across more clearly, for example, i found that dropping chickpeas into a full bowl of water created a clearer sound of dripping water. I also used two pieces of polystyrene and rubbed them together to create the sound of footsteps crunching in the snow. However not all of these sounds worked in theme with the video. Therefor i decided the boiling kettle was the most symbolic. As the kettle gets hotter the sound grows and i found this an extremely suitable sound to reflect global warming.



Kinetic typography workshop


In this workshop we looked at various examples of kinetic typography to help us with our idea development and open our eyes to the possibilities of letter form creation and transitioning. Michelle spoke to us about how to transition between  each shot and how to get creative with it. I also was inspired by the number of ways we could create out text and how they could change through the shot. As an example we were shown letters that had been cut out of potatoes that were being fried. As a test we created text from card and scrunched them into little balls, throughout the video they would look as though they were opening up by them self and i found the letters really appeared to come alive.

This workshop inspired me with plenty of ideas for my own stop motion video. I learnt the importance of lighting and staging. Whilst i also started generating ideas about how i could create my letters. As my video is about global warming i thought that creating my letters out of ice and recording them as they melt could work really well. I have a good camera and i tripod so i invested in some good lamps and alphabet ice molds in preparation for the creation of my video. 20160502_131118

Project 4. Utterly moving words

This was a video based project, in which we were required to create a type-based video accompanied by our own original sound that is 20 seconds minimum. We began with a creative writing workshop in which we were presented with a clip from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind- Meet Me in Montauk

We were then briefed to write paragraphs for it with a different focus each time, For example, dialogue, emotions, personal reactions and what we saw. We were then expected to use these paragraphs as a way of developing ideas for our own film or animation. I read through my paragraphs a number of times trying to generate ideas for my own filmed. I felt that i picked up on the use of words such as water, flooding and crashing repeatedly. From this i began to generate ideas. The idea of water combined with the sound i thought had potential to work really well. After speaking to my mum about flooding issues in areas of the world, such as Bangladesh and the effects they have on peoples homes and lives. I began looking into articles as inspiration for my text but they very serious pieces. Many of the articles spoke of death rate. I felt i couldn’t make an amateur first video on this topic as i was wary of being desensitize towards such serious issues. I continued to brainstorm similar themes such as natural disasters which brought me onto the topic of climate change. I have a book on the topic with some  interesting and unusual facts that i thought could make some intriguing and playful text.


Project 1. 100 Briefs

Today we were faced with a challenging task. After being giving a list of 100 mini briefs we were thrown into attempting to complete every one of them within a two minute time slot. We were faced with challenges such as , thinking outside the box, clarity, thinking on our feet and time management. At first i was skeptical, i thought the task was unrealistic and somewhat pointless. However as the day went on i began to pick up the pace and broadened my mind. Although i didn’t manage to complete all of the briefs or feel completely happy with all of the results, it was truly encouraging to know that i had gotten through 100 briefs within the space of a day. I feel that this task may change the way i think about all projects, and give me encouragement to know that i can come up with a great number of fantastic ideas if i just put my mind to it.

Project 2. sound track of our lives development

I wanted to attempt screen printing as a way to create my finished posters. I wanted my colors to be bold and for them to work well when overlapped to represent movement, vibrations and the coming together of color.

I prepared six A2 prints of block circles each slightly offset from each-other, and for some they are continuing onto the next page to tie all the posters together and add to the idea of community. The reason i aimed to screenprint came from the fact that screen printing has been a successful and ongoing way of creating posters and creating them in bulk. Preparing the screens was a long process, as each poster needed two screens. I washed, dried, put the photosensitive emulsion, dried, exposed and re washed each of the screens. Unfortunately i must have  made a mistake through the process, as my screens didn’t work. I am still unsure why but the ink couldn’t make its way through the screen and left nothing hut a blank page on the other side.

I left them for the time being and headed back home. However, i had also been thinking about the art of airbrushing. I knew this was another possibility as you can get a really precise effect. I could create even lightweight colors and tone and the overlapping of the colors would work well. I have acrylic inks and knew that the colors i had were the ones i had in mind for the posters. Therefor i decided to carry out some tests to see what effects i would get. Initially i didn’t like the first test i carried out. I had used the airbrush too heavily leaving really opaquer block colors and visible pencil lines. However i saw the potential and knew where i had gone wrong.

I went for it again, this time with more precision and the knowledge i took from some of the reductive mark making techniques we worked on during the mark-making workshops earlier in the year. I was more careful with my scalpel and use of masking tape to attempt the perfect circles. I held back much more with the airbrush knowing when to stop. As a result i got a much more refines circles and really delicate layers of color. The colors were a much more accurate reflection of the mood of each song. I learnt that simplicity and minimalism is something to be respected.

The final images worked well as a series and one color from each poster was mirrored in one of the others keeping them in theme.



Project 2. Soundtrack of our Lives


This project required us to think about music and the connection it holds within our lives. The aim was to create a series of three A2 posters that reflected this and worked well in sequence. This encouraged me to think about memories, connections with other people, mood, color and relief. Mostly, i enjoy music around other people and don’t tend to find myself enjoying it alone, Therefore this spurred on the idea of communal listening.

After researching particular artists and designers that have connections to music i discovered the importance of color and shape within our connection of sound.Practitioners such as Ian Gabb and Saul Bass inspired me to think more about these correlations.

Music takes presidence within my family unit and whenever the extended family all come together my uncle would create a playlist compiled of all our favourite songs so that we can all enjoy and share  our musical interest as a group.

After brainstorming all the songs that i relate to family i chose my three that hold greatest sentiment to me. i chose :

Guy Clarke- “Let him roll”- Guy Clarke- Let him Roll This is a song that holds great sentiment for me and is a song that has brought me to tears. Me and my cousins will sing it in the car and i think fondly of my uncle when i hear it.

Sigue Ros- “Hoppipolla” –Sigur Ros- Hoppipolla  This is a song that i have listened to communally with my family, and also with my friends. One of the greatest holidays i ever had was a trip to a festival in Holland and this was the final song that played. Everyone was together we were looking at incredible views across a lake and all felt pure happiness. This is a song i hold dearly to my heart. It is a song about jumping in puddles and the child within us all.

Tom Waits – “come on up to the house”-Tom Waits – Come on up to the house This is one of my fathers all time favorite songs and a song that has made  its way into the hearts of all our family. It reminds me of togetherness, car journeys with my family and is a song about hope.

Due to the strong family ties my chosen songs have and their links to communal listening i started to look into how this could be reflected visually. Circles are a symbol of togetherness therefor i thought this geometric style would work perfectly for my posters. I then began to look into color theory and certain links that colors hold with our emotions. I then looked at different varieties of colors and created mood boards for each of the songs.





Collect analyse & reassemble final project

During the crit for this project i got the chance to see some really impressive work. As i had never made a book before, or carried out any work like this before i think i was afraid to get started on something that i wasn’t confident in making. As a result i created something that i was very unhappy with. Despite being confident in my ideas i didn’t take them that little bit further in order to create a really refined book. After the crit i went away and decided i was going to learn how to create a book to a professional standard whilst still being true to my original idea. The ideas for the first attempt weren’t reflected well. The hand made paper created an uneven clumsy look. I was originally going for something refined; something that was satisfying to look at and hold as these are things that draw me into keeping books myself. I also decided that my book could have been longer and that there would be no harm in collection more dedications to bulk it out, giving it a more satisfying feel. Although i stayed true to the original cut outs in my first attempt i decided that they weren’t refined enough for a final and professional book. The idea helped me build on my idea and creation of my collection piece, however the raw materials didn’t need to be carried into my final piece. Therefor i decided to photocopy the dedications in order to keep the kept feel in tacked; you can still see the wrinkles and the slightly faded color of the pages. The dedications also kept their ratio. I decided the hand made paper was too weighted and didn’t keep its shape, the edges were too rough for the book i was going for. As a result i decided to use some good quality card stock i had been keeping for something nice. The pages are still slightly weighted, therefore they are not easily damaged and hold their shape well. Because the paper was thick and i was using 15 folded sheets i need to use a bookbinding method that would work through so much density. After looking at different methods i decide that the coptic stitch method would be most suitable and sturdy, it means i could divide all my pages into signatures and then assembling them together after assembling each signature seperatly.

IMG_2942.JPGI measured suitably distanced holes down the center of all the signatures and lined them up. I then carefully sewed them all together in sequence. Once that was completed , i threaded a short piece of ribbon through the centre stitches and applied glue.


Once dried i applied glue all along the spine of the book making sure to put some pressure so that it really got in all the gaps. I left this to dry once more before applying a strip of cardstock to secure it.

Next, i prepared the cover. Using cereal box card i measured a front and back cover slightly larger than A5 and a spine slightly wider than the current one. I layed them out evenly before gluing on shiny , good quality A3 card. The card had to be A3 to ensure that that it was larger than the covers with space to fold down edges and sides to get a smooth edge . Once i had made sure there were no air bubbles i scored around the edge of the card and cut off the corners in order to fold over each side. Once this stage is complete the inside of the covers isn’t very attractive and are visible as soon as you open the book.

I wanted this book to reflect , my personal idea of perfection. I personally think that orange is a really strong, bold and appealing color. Therefore, i used orange card to attached the cover to the inside of the book as the finishing touch to hold it all together.


Finally i carefully added the photocopied dedications with a few new ones, also cut to the golden ratio. I ensured that each one was placed slightly offset, whilst remaining straight with no air bubbles to give the final and professional finished look.

The cover was simple and white, therefor i decided to add a title and a simplistic band to contain the book, adding some decorative and polished finishing touches. I didn’t want to simply hand write the text, and ruin the refined efforts that had gone into the rest of the book so i thought that transfer lettering would be a suitable alternative. The book is made up entirely  of dedications, i see them as little pockets of affection and i found the name “collection of affection” rhythmic and suitable. I slowly transferred the letters along the spine.

As a finishing touch i cut a thin strip from a brown and green recycled bag. The earthy colours appealed to me and kept in theme with the idea of raw materials and the colours worked well aesthetically. I wrapped it around the book and held it together with a bold yellow circle to add some colour and complete the appeal.

20160505_225113 (2)