Project 2 . Creating collection book.

The reason that I had a collection of books I hadn’t read is because of the appeal I think that they hold. Therefore I decided the book had to be really visually and texturely pleasing. This is when I began looking into arrangement and materials. For the cover of the book I dabbled with thought of materials that I find particularly exciting and comforting . I thought about fur , holographic paper, quality leather and hand made paper . I tried some of these out and either thought they appeared quite tacky or unprofessional. I went with some thick grey textured card. I found the particular tone of grey really lovely and I find it one of the best and most visible colours .grey and orange are my two particular favourite colour combinations that I use frequently in my clothing and home decoration. I wish to add and orange card band around the book to make it appear really neat and pretty , whilst also holding simple and minimalist qualities which also particularly appeal to me. I then began looking into the arrangement of the dedications them self , I like the raw naturally faded quality of the paper as it represents their long kept and loved feel. Therefore I did not wish to interfear with these pages or photocopy them stripping them of their qualities. I looked into another way of keeping them as they are whilst still working together . I cut each page to the same ratio. Although they had to be different sizes because of the print or length of each dedication, so I cut every one to the golden ratio (the most visually pleasing shape) mathematically they were perfect and worked well as a series.


I then had to think about the paper they would be attached to so I used hand made Indian paper that had a real quality to it. Every page looked and felt hand made and I settled on this as a wonderful way to add to the books appeal. I perfectly folded every page and just places one slightly of set dedication on each side as I thought this layout was most appropriate for the various sized pieces. I then placed a band round the centre to hold it all together.

However I feel the book looks incomplete and changes need to be made. The rough edges of the handmade paper doesn’t work for a perfectly appealing book and the band isn’t professional enough. Therfore the process I have taken I am pleased with but the final product defiantly needs tweaking.

Collections project 2

project 2 is based on a collection of some sort. I thought about the most obvious available collections I had, such as copper coins, or hair pins. However I thought that none of these objects tell much of a story so I began to focus on items I have in abundance that mean something to me. I have always loved the look feel and smell of books and in consequence I own a fair few and have them all arranged in a presentable way around my room on shelves or stacked up high. However I am quite severely dyslexic with the addition of meres erlyn syndrome. This is a defect with my vision which makes words and print difficult to read. They become blurred visually and can make my eyes feel very tired and heavy as they have to work harder when looking at text. Therefore I have hardly read any of the books that I have kept for so long, I much rather appreciate them asthetically. I thought this made me for an interesting concept to begin with.
Therefore I named my collection project ‘books I have not read’ (for me this is rather alot)
I began photographing the books in their place , on the shelves , stacked in a tower and piled on my bedside table. I then started to flick through them. I knew that simply photographing the books and sticking them into a new handmade book would be far too boring. That’s when I decided to take pages from each one in the hope of reassembling them into a new book. I didn’t want to distrupt the actually storytelling so I avoided taking pages with much text on. As I was taking the pages I noticed that the least intrusive and most interesting pages I had chosen were the dedications in the front.
I then developed my idea further. I began only taking the dedications as they made up a  funny, moving and interesting set of messages. The collection then became a collection of affections.