Ian Gabb


Image – letterpressmonster.com

Ian Gabb works as a technician at the Royal College of Art whilst also being a master of his craft. He creates wonderful and well executed prints. I am particularly drawn to his use of color and the effects he created through layering.

In an interview with ‘Its Nice That’ he stated that printing “can be time consuming” and that is part of the reason he thinks “its so good, because it forces people to slow down, it forces them to think about the words in their hands and the rhythm that they have.” I find this a really interesting way of looking at this particular creative field. Looking through images of his work definitely encouraged me to explore this field further.

The use of bright colors that are sometimes very highly contrasting with one and other seem to work really well together. This messy, yet neat style is very appealing.


Walter De Maria, New Yorks earth room


Walter De Maria is an american artist/ sculptor/ illustrator. He deals alot with
conceptual and land art. I visited the Earth room is New York City with it being one of his most famous pieces. I was sceptical about how much a room filled purely with dirt could make your feel. Before my visit i thought the idea was slightly too conceptual for my liking.

However when entering the room i was surprised by the power in which the room had. As you first walk in you feel like you are just entering someones home. A normal apartment in the centre of Soho. I rang the buzzer and waited for the door to open before walking up a perfectly ordinary narrow staircase. Once entering the apartment you walk through the hallway and as you turn right there is a sight so unexpected. Simply the sight of earth in such an unfamiliar surrounding. 280,000 pounds of dirt is an impressive sight in itself; when contrasted with crisp white walls in such a conventional indoor space it is somewhat perplexing and mesmerising at the same time.

I thought it would make it more interesting if one was able to walk through it or be among the earth in the room. Nevertheless i realised that there was a certain untouched beauty about it.