Sara’s talk

Today we had a talk from Sara including background context about herself and influences on her work.
It is really interesting  to see the work of someone who we try to impress using our own work.
I discovered more about the processes one goes through before becoming successful. It is important to do more than what is expected from you in order to grow and become recognised as a designer.
She also gave us advice on planning ahead and to begin thinking about what kind of designer we would like to become.
I have a lot of respect for Sara in that she chose happiness over wealth and turned down work for begin company’s such as cigarette company’s as they do not promote happiness.

Typology with Heather


In this photography based workshop we were required to go away and photograph a series of images. The brief stated that they had to ‘tell a story’ meaning there needed to be a ongoing theme throughout all of the photographs. I began thinking about all the traits of London that people don’t expect when imagining a trip to one of the biggest and furthest developed cities in the world. Such as furniture left out in the streets, piled up rubbish, beer cans and litter and more. Whilst at the same time these are all the things that make me feel at home. Last year I spent two months living in Paris and through this I discovered that I didn’t warm to how pristine the streets were. Every street there is very beautiful however they are look almost identical and as a result lack the diversity and character that London holds. Through this project i also began to look at gentrification and the way in which Londoners ¬†don’t want constant changed and¬†improvement and like their home the way it is; more affordable withholding character.

Mark making city scapes


I personally love a city landscape which is why I particularly enjoyed this workshop. We were asked to select a section of the landscape that we would like to create artworks from. We were also told to consider the different colours that were within our view. It was a particularly foggy day which slightly changes a landscape and how bold the buildings are the further away they get. I chose a particularly busy area of the view as I thought it would create more interesting shapes in a reductive piece of artwork. We learnt the difference between reductive and additive mark making techniques. Reductive means removing materials in order to create an image as opposed to adding outlines to a page. Admittedly I had never worked properly in this way and was looking forward to trying it out.
I created a lot of my pieces using masking tape. I found the efftext that is left is really striking and you can create a number of different textures and patterns within the remaining shape. On a couple of my favourite pieces as I was tearing away the tape the paper was ripping. This was due to me not being careful enough in my attempt to get many different examples completed. However once I applied granite powder to this it created different shades over the textured paper where it had torn. I learnt that my favourite results came from those attempts where the paper was torn. It created a dark shadowed effect which was a perfect reflection of the wether and the mood that was felt in the sky that day. I completed two of these graphite powder reductive images and placed them against each other creating a mirrored effect. One was much dark and one more transparent. I thought these contrasted each other well. I also photocopied theses and played around with the intensity of the colours creating one much bolder, darker and more animated final image.