Adrian’s Talk

This talk took a phycological approach. After being put into three large groups we were instructed to throw throw a ball into a cone, simple enough. however there were two cones, one closer to the thrower,  and one further away. If you land the ball inside the cone, without it flying back out again, then your team scores 5 points. If you land the ball in the cone further away, your team scores 10 points. A low risk for a low reward, A high risk for a high reward. I personally went ahead and threw the ball in the cone furthest away, hoping for a high reward and a hearty cheer from my team mates, sadly i missed. as did almost everyone taking part in the exercise. After completing the game and unsure why it took part it became clear that i was a test of our character. Those , like me who decided they would take a challenge are generally speaking the kind of person who aims for success and reward. However those who aimed for the closer cone aim to avoid failure and would stop there. Continue reading “Adrian’s Talk”

Sara’s Talk

‘design is both a noun and a verb’ – Sara Carneholm

It is important to remember this. There is a systematic design process behind all objects. Wether an object is a known designer or not it has been designed for a purpose. Following sara’s talk it became clear to me that as a young designer, my day to day life should influence all that i create. Therefore it is important to document through any means possible ; photographing, film, drawing, writing and even dancing if possible. As a result it is important to be accumulating (keeping everything) and reflecting on that. Not only is the the practical work a creative process, but the actual research and initiation.

Kieron’s Talk

Zines are a form of mini magazine. They are a striking and cheap item to create. Kieron gave an example of a zine that he created in order to sum up himself as a character. I found his collection of images a really interesting and appealing way of present oneself. He placed all the item he had on his person on multiple days in a photocopier and gradually built up a body of work from doing so. He created some simple imagery that reflected his interests such as drawing male heads and repeatedly printed this collection of images over each other all on one same piece of paper. Ultimately he was left with one large poster-like image.